Our Trees

Freshly Cut

Our trees were grown in Central Oregon then harvested fresh on the Saturday prior to
Thanksgiving. We load and transport them to Sparks on that Monday and Tuesday to keep them as fresh as any you can find in Northern Nevada. Our trees were not harvested weeks earlier and left in trucks for extended periods of time as most are. There are no fresher trees available unless you choose to harvest it yourself.

Tree Species Available

Noble Fir: These beautifully sheared trees are known for their dense growth and sturdy branches which make them great for supporting your ornaments. Nobles have excellent needle retention and will last throughout the season. Nobles are the most common Christmas tree in the U.S. and are our most frequently purchased type of tree!

Douglas Fir: Dougs are a very popular tree in American homes. They are a fast growing tree and this makes them a little less expensive because growers can produce them for us more quickly and with less effort. They are sheared to the perfect shape that we expect in a Christmas tree!

Nordman Fir: With a darker shade of glossy green needles on top, and a slightly lighter shade on the underside, Nordman’s are a very elegant choice for your home. Strong branches make them a good choice for decorating. (Nordman Firs will not be available in 2023)

Natural Noble Fir: This is a fairly unique tree and is not usually found at most local tree lots. It enjoys its fast-growing popularity in homes due to its more open feel and the same sturdy branch found on the sheared version. With more widely spaced branches it allows you to feature your ornaments and add a degree of classic style to your room. It is comparable to a similar tree that is very open tree called a Silver Tip, but the Natural Noble is rapidly becoming more common and less costly.

Tree Care Tips

Our trees were grown in Central Oregon then harvested fresh on Friday and Saturday just prior to
Thanksgiving. We loaded and transported them to Sparks on that Monday and unloaded them Tuesday to keep them as fresh as any you can find in Northern Nevada! Our trees were not harvested weeks earlier and left in trucks for extended periods of time as is commonly the case. There are no fresher trees available in the area unless you choose to harvest it yourself!

All live trees need to continue to take up water to remain fresher, this is critical to maintain needle retention inside a warm home throughout the holiday season. It is necessary to cut about an inch off of the bottom of the trunk to achieve this. We are pleased to offer this service on each tree that we sell, or you may wish to wait and do this yourself. Timing is very important because an evergreen it will begin to build up a ‘resin seal’ after it has been cut. It is best to get your tree into water within the first few hours of having the bottom cut to avoid this and to encourage it to continue to take up water. If you don’t plan to put it in a stand shortly after you bring it home, you can also stand it in a bucket of water until you’re ready. You may also choose to wait and then trim the bottom yourself when you’re ready to bring it inside. Once in place be sure to check and add water daily to prevent a seal from forming.

Following these tips will help your tree remain fresh and green throughout the season!

Tree Pricing

We set pricing to be fair, we try to offer prices that will not take advantage of other local families. We endeavor to offer the most reasonably priced trees in the area but on occasion we may be slightly more costly than a seller with lower grade trees or lesser quality in other ways.

We only purchase #1 Grade trees to ensure only the finest trees decorate your home. We check other lots during the season regularly and compare to ensure that our pricing remains fair. You should find that our prices are lower than the other lots in Northern Nevada for the best quality trees in the area!

There are many factors that affect Christmas tree pricing, besides size and quality. There is a large
shortage of live trees in the prime growing areas. Oregon is the largest producer of Christmas trees in the U.S.A and Washington has many growers as well. Combined they are by far the most significant growing region in the country. Drought has taken its toll on many growers in the Pacific Northwest in the last few years, and in drought years many small seedlings don’t make it through. In recent year there have been large forest fires in Oregon and Washington that have decimated hundreds of acres of grower’s trees that would have been harvested this year and in future years. International demand for live trees has substantially increased also, many now being exported. Over the years the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture also subsidized many U.S. growers to plant crops other than trees as the availability of artificial trees became more common. Trucking costs have gone up significantly lately. This year in 2023 all of these factors are impacting availability and costs.

Pricing is subject to change and may not always be 100% up-to-date on this website.

Douglas Fir
Under 4′$54.95
5′ – 6′$69.95
6′ – 7′$79.95
7′ – 8′$89.95
Over 8′$99.95
Noble, Natural Noble, Nordman
Under 4′$59.95
5′ – 6′$109.95
6′ – 7′$129.95
7′ – 8′$139.95
8′ – 10′$149.95
Over 10′$159.95
Table Top Tree (Under 3′)$39.95
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